We are baalm.
We are a membership club of skincare lovers who want this industry to be better.
Our work is to advocate for consumers to brands, to regulatory bodies and to the world for better ingredients, effective formulations and a culture of transparency.
We built baalm as a community first.
Baalm is a community built on the audacity of loving your skin. We're making skincare transparent with a radical membership club. Instead of wading through thousands of new skincare products with hard to pronounce ingredients, we cut through all the noise.

Our digital platform matches users to the right products for their skin. On average skincare junkies waste $300 a year on unused or ineffective products because they don't know what they're really buying. We're on a mission to help them reclaim that money and put it to good use with a membership for their skin. We call ourselves a co-op because all great things take a village.

To make the skincare industry more inclusive, earth-friendly, effective, safe and transparent, we've got to work with everyone. By clearing the path between brands and customers, our platform creates and intimate relationship between the most important stakeholders in the industry— our faces.

That work is built on a set of core beliefs:

- There is no one type of ideal skin, and the industry should reflect that
- We have a right to know what is in our products and how they're made.
- Access to good products for facial and self-care should be universal.
- Taking care of our skin shouldn't come at the expense of the environment
- Brands should be held accountable to the people who use their products.
- Transparency in the cosmetics industry isn't a marketing tool, but should be at its core.

Our membership is a far-out departure from the systematic transactional nature of beauty and skincare. We connect skincare enthusiasts and the brands they love through our online experience and our member events. Ultimately, we see a future where brands and consumers can finally come together to build a better skincare culture.

- Mandi & Lanya
Also, the 'gram is bangin'.
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