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What is baalm?

This is a membership for modern skin. We're making skincare transparent with a radical community of brands, consumers and skincare professionals.

Instead of wading through thousands of new skincare products with hard to pronounce ingredients, we cut through all the noise. Our digital platform matches users to the right products for their skin.

Didn't you used to be Le CultureClub?

Yes! We've re-branded to baalm.

What does my membership come with?

Great question! We build you a skincare routine from scratch, based on your skin's needs and the science of product formulations.

Once your skincare journey begins with our community, you'll benefit from member's only perks like one-on-one skin consults, chatting with derms and estheticians, product discounts, and custom facials at spas.

Can you break down the membership cost?

An Ad-Free Experience: No ads for car insurance here. Because our platform and our membership is paid, we won't advertise to you the way other retail sites do. For once, it's nice to shop when no one's trying to sell you something you don't need.

Events, Meet-ups, members-only experiences: Our programming is focused on creating bonds between our members while bringing more opportunities for self care. From mini-facial events to a night in with some new friends, our programming is designed to take your skincare regimen to the next level.

Advocacy for better oversight and safer products: Today, very few laws and regulations oversee the skincare market. That means that anyone can make a product, sell it and espouse claims that don't have to be backed up. We think that our faces and our bodies deserve better. As a central mission to this company is that we are using member dues to fuel advocacy for better protection and better products. Our first initiatives include partnering with like-minded advocacy groups to canvas and organize events to bring more awareness to this problem.

Improving and maintaining the platform with our all-female team: Building something meaningful takes hard work. Got a cool new feature you want us to prioritize? A new brand you want to see? More tools to track your skin progress? We'd love to build that for you. The ladies are here to serve face!

Skincare education and content creation: We work closely with each of our brands to create educational content and programming around skin health. To accomplish this we have hired dedicated staff to carryout this work. By providing this resource to brands who do not have their own, we bring more information to you and create more transparency in the industry.

Each year, members can weigh in on how our budget is split. $24 dollars goes a long way towards self care, better products, and a new culture in skincare. Thanks for paying it forward.

What's the dividend?

Every March we distribute a portion of our profits with each and every member. You give to your skin all year long, and we give back. You will receive a notice from us in the new year about how the company performed in the previous year, and how much can be expected to hit your bank account.

You can spend that money on anything through Baalm or choose to save it for something special. Either way, you play an indispensable role in this club and this is just one way that we say thank you.

How do you shop?

Inside the platform, click "Seek" to find products that fit your skin needs. You can also shop right from the homepage by the step in your skincare routine (i.e. Cleanse, Exfoliate).

Head to a product detail page to learn everything about how a product was made, what it contains and how to use it for your skin. Add the product to your cart when you're ready and check out.

Can I pause my membership?

You can pause your membership twice a year, for no more than 30 days. Contact us through the platform or by email to put in a pause request at least two weeks ahead of time. We'll miss you.

Why is it a year-long commitment?

Good skin takes a village and it takes time. Our recommendations are tailored to your skin and its changing needs. You'll need to stick around to see real results. The skin turns over every 50-60 days and that's a chance for us to re-evaluate, check process and make major updates.

Overtime you'll track your skin and learn what's working and what isn't. We'll save you from buying products that are similar to the ones that didn't work for you in the past, and steer you towards new products that can get the job done.

What is this pilot?

Right now we are accepting pilot members to join us. You are committing to a 3 month trial. We designed our pilot program around the biology of the skin— it take 50-60 days for skin turnover and renewal. Which means you'll need to work with us for a while to see results.

That will also give you ample time to engage in the community, ask for help, and take part in our perks. After three months we hope you'll stay. Full memberships are an annual commitment.

More details please.

We are building this membership club for people like you. That means we want to get it right, because you deserve the best. We're making history, and we want it to be memorable.

Our three month pilot allows us to get out the logistical kinks, understand what features are most important to you and your skin, and test the waters with brands we think you'll love. It also helps us learn about what we can improve, before we welcome more gorgeous people like you. As we said, this has never been done before, so we've got a lot to prove.

How do you analyze products?

We analyze the ingredients in the products we retail, and give you a rating that speaks to the impact of good ingredients, the harm of negative ingredients and the considers additional fillers, emulsifiers.

After that analysis is done, we take into account your skin needs, concerns and goals to determine how good of a fit a product is for your skin. The higher the match — the better the product is for your unique skin!

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