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What is baalm?

This is a membership for modern skin. We're making skincare transparent with a radical community of brands, consumers and skincare professionals.

Instead of wading through thousands of new skincare products with hard to pronounce ingredients, we cut through all the noise. Our digital platform matches users to the right products for their skin.

Didn't you used to be Le CultureClub?

Yes! We've re-branded to baalm.

What's the dividend?

Every March we distribute a portion of our profits with each and every member. You give to your skin all year long, and we give back. You will receive a notice from us in the new year about how the company performed in the previous year, and how much can be expected to hit your bank account.

You can spend that money on anything through Baalm or choose to save it for something special. Either way, you play an indispensable role in this club and this is just one way that we say thank you.

How do you shop?

Inside the platform, click "Seek" to find products that fit your skin needs. You can also shop right from the homepage by the step in your skincare routine (i.e. Cleanse, Exfoliate).

Head to a product detail page to learn everything about how a product was made, what it contains and how to use it for your skin. Add the product to your cart when you're ready and check out.

How do you analyze products?

We analyze the ingredients in the products we retail, and give you a rating that speaks to the impact of good ingredients, the harm of negative ingredients and the considers additional fillers, emulsifiers.

After that analysis is done, we take into account your skin needs, concerns and goals to determine how good of a fit a product is for your skin. The higher the match — the better the product is for your unique skin!

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